Pattern testing

So it’s a Friday of fixing and moving things around. Big M is at home, and little J as well. 

We’re swapping loads of rooms around, so there are so many things in the wrong place right now, like beds in the livingroom…

But before sorting this mess out I’m helping out the lovely @crochetedbytess and trying out one of her patterns. It’s a sweet little flower so it’s a nice way to start off my messy day! 

I’m using some yarn left over from the InBloomCAL from Scheepjes and hook 2.5mm

After rows 1 and 2

After row 3 and just staring row 4

Like with everything when you are creating something you just do. Getting it down on paper so someone can recreate what you have done is not always so straight forward. Some things you automatically do and forget to write down etc. So getting someone to crochet your pattern can be a great help. It can be just one tiny step that trips someone up, so I think it’s great fun to do this for crochetedbytess. 

I’ve only found a few things that needs changing, and some tiny errors that tripped me up but after everything got cleared isn’t it just a lovely little flower? 

Above is the completed flower after row 4. 

I had it in my possession for about 30 seconds then this happened:

“Oh mommy is that for me?? Thank you!!”

If you are guessing that my tea is cold, you would be correct. 

Find the pattern on @crochetedbytess blog, I will update with a link later on! 

Temperature blanket

Every morning when I get up I check what temperature it is outside. I do this because I’m working on a temperature blanket for 2017. I hadn’t heard of it before this January, probably because this is when I joined instagram as crochetingKay, but I just fell in love with the idea. I’ll explain it for those of you who don’t know what it is! 

You start on the first day of the year, then again you can start this whenever you want and do it for a year – for instance from one birthday to the next, and you crochet one row or one square every single day. The color is corresponding to what the temperature is outside. So to start off you need to make your color chart and decide when and how often you will have a color change. You can have as many colors as you want, one for each degree if that floats your boat, this is what my chart looks like: 

I’ve covered in quite a few degrees in each color and also I’ve got a wide range of colors. Next time I might choose only different shades of pink/red/orange/yellow or blue/green/purple etc I’ve seen others do that and it looks very nice. It all depends on what you yourself want. 

Then you need to choose what blanket you want to make, you can do one square each day for instance or you can do one stripe a day. I chose to do granny stripes and if that’s to you’re liking make sure you do it in multiples o three. I started off with a chain of 225, which will be a good size for a big blanket. But again, you can do anything that you want to do, just single crochet or doubles or flowers or whatever. I just wanted something really simple! 

It’s great fun seeing the blanket unfold, also it’s the one thing I make sure I get done every day – so atleast there’s some crocheting every day in my life no matter how hectic the days turns out to be! 

This is what it looked like after one month: 

And this is the progress after today:


I love how random the blanket becomes in a way that you can’t plan! 

I did some calculations and I’m going to be needing 81(!) skeins of yarn and the blanket is going to be almost 3m long..! Talk about a family blanket.

Gauge square driving me crazy

Ok so I’m participating in my second CAL ever. The Hygge CAL designed by Haak Maar Raak in colab with Scheepjes

I haven’t gotten started with the actual CAL, I haven’t really had the time, and I’m still trying to get the gauge square right. I did one yesterday with the recommended size hook, 4.5mm 

But I wasn’t getting the size right. It’s supposed to be 10x10cm and I ended up 1cm short. 

So today I got a 5mm hook (and a 5.5 just in case) to see if that would do the trick. So no time to waste, rip it up and start over. 

Just finished it 

And one side is 10cm but not the other…aaah!!! 

I’m going to bed now, goodnight!

Opening at Favoritgarner

When I arrived just before lunchtime there was a que out the door and inside it was jam packed with cheerful yarn-addicted people. I had J in the Tula, sleeping as always, and except for this one incident with a pushy older woman – who for some reason thought pushing past me and J taking the hit was fine – it was such a great day! Me and this pregnant girl just looked at each other, eyebrows raised, shaking our heads and feeling a hell of lot more adult than the old lady acted. I must say, that for some reason I always thought that adults knew how to behave and were well mannered, and every time things like this happens I’m always surprised. I just can’t get used to it. It’s at times like this I really miss the U.K. 

Oops sorry, train of thought got away with me. This is not about old cranky ladies and their bad manners. I’ll save that for another day. 

In any case it was a really nice event and I’m so happy I got there in time. It meant I managed to get a hold of a goody bag, yeay! And this was the content:


Going to visit Favoritgarner is def worth your while, and I would recommend anyone who likes good customer service and great yarn to go.

Now it’s bedtime for my big little M. And I’m hoping to get some crochet time later on this evening! Til next time! 

Heavy yarn

I wasn’t so impressed by any of the yarn stands, mostly because they didn’t have the brands of yarn that I have already fallen in love with. And there were none that stood out or had good enough deals for me to want to spend my money on them. It looked like the deals that they had were for the already cheap yarn and I just didn’t find any that I liked. Having said that I’m pretty sure I missed some awesome deals and amazing yarn, which is easy to do when there’s loads of people, small stands and you’re also dragging around a baby carriage. 

So you didn’t buy any yarn? One might ask. Well of course I did, because I found this awesome stand at random while I was on the phone with one of my best friends. It was called Blötbergsboden. (See link further down) Funny enough this yarn was actually on sale, and it’s yarn that I’ve never tried crocheting with before so such a treat! Tricot yarn, in three colors, lovely and heavy! 3.3 kg in total, but thankfully I was carrying J in the Tula so I could load up the baby carriage. 

Yarn from Blötbergsboden from Ludvika, Sweden. 

I also found some other bits and pieces: 2 new crochet hooks, 5 really sweet stitchmarkers, buttons and a book about crocheting. I love books, I mean really love books and with 2 kids it’s hard to find the time to dive into a good book for hours on end but books like this are a different story. Flicking through, getting inspired and looking a beautiful patterns – I just love it! 

This book is by Betsan Corkhill with the original title “Crochet Therapy”. So true, crocheting is therapy! With that I hope you have a pleasant evening, I’m going to do some therapy. 

Peace love and crocheting, 


Baskets baskets baskets

Ok so first impression of the festival as a whole is that I’m not old enough, I feel like a kid who just doesn’t understand or comprehend what’s going on around her. Plus the fact that I’m on my own here doesn’t help, almost everyone around me is here together with someone so they have someone to talk to.

Anyhow, I just bought myself 2 new baskets for my yarn. Seriously though, they where all so lovely I could’ve bought more but I don’t have enough hands. The man behind the counter, Stig from Denmark, was so sweet and gave me a good deal.

This is Stig from Pilekurven Aps who I bought the baskets from.

Now off to find yarn

Getting ready and cold tea

In about an hour I’m taking my babygirl with me and going to “Sy & Hantverksfestival” which is a 3-day expo of different crafts. I’ve read through the info and it’s everything from crocheting to scrapbooking. I’m going there for the yarn and crocheting but you never know, I might just fall in love with something else!

But for now I’ve made myself a cup of tea in one of my favorite teacups and have the ambition to crochet the gauge square for the Hygge CAL that I’m following. But with both the kids at home and awake, I’m guessing cold tea and no crocheting is in my present future.

Are any of you going to the expo? My plan is to write a review of it and post it later this weekend. I’m hoping it’s going to be great!

Now, back to my cold tea 🙂


The first blog post ever from crochetingKay

So here it is!

I am probably the last person on the planet to start a blog but apparently that was what 2017 had in store for me. Maybe it is down to the fact that I now have something that I actually want to share and write about? Who knows?

On the 1st of January of this year I started my instagram account for all of my crocheting adventures, and I found that the community I entered into is warm and welcoming – a very nice change from what is happening around the world as we speak. It made me very happy and gave me a feeling of hope, a feeling I wanted to hold on to.

So that’s where I am and find myself today – writing my first entry on my first ever blog – ever though the homepage isn’t even complete yet (!) because the world needs beauty and hope. Taking a string of yarn and creating something beautiful and/or useful, isn’t that just lovely? And sharing that with other people, isn’t that even more so? I think it is, and we all do what we can.

This weekend there are two great things happening here in Stockholm:
Sy & Hantverksfestival
Favoritgarner open up their warehouse
that I will be going to and wanted to write about, therefor I thought I might as well get the blog up and running so that I can start writing asap.

So if you have actually found your way here, through some magic in the air – Welcome! I’m so happy you could make it, and bare with me – soon enough there will be loads to look at here on my homepage and til then you can always follow me here on the blog and on Instagram!

Love hope & crochet