Getting ready and cold tea

In about an hour I’m taking my babygirl with me and going to “Sy & Hantverksfestival” which is a 3-day expo of different crafts. I’ve read through the info and it’s everything from crocheting to scrapbooking. I’m going there for the yarn and crocheting but you never know, I might just fall in love with something else!

But for now I’ve made myself a cup of tea in one of my favorite teacups and have the ambition to crochet the gauge square for the Hygge CAL that I’m following. But with both the kids at home and awake, I’m guessing cold tea and no crocheting is in my present future.

Are any of you going to the expo? My plan is to write a review of it and post it later this weekend. I’m hoping it’s going to be great!

Now, back to my cold tea 🙂