Heavy yarn

I wasn’t so impressed by any of the yarn stands, mostly because they didn’t have the brands of yarn that I have already fallen in love with. And there were none that stood out or had good enough deals for me to want to spend my money on them. It looked like the deals that they had were for the already cheap yarn and I just didn’t find any that I liked. Having said that I’m pretty sure I missed some awesome deals and amazing yarn, which is easy to do when there’s loads of people, small stands and you’re also dragging around a baby carriage. 

So you didn’t buy any yarn? One might ask. Well of course I did, because I found this awesome stand at random while I was on the phone with one of my best friends. It was called Blötbergsboden. (See link further down) Funny enough this yarn was actually on sale, and it’s yarn that I’ve never tried crocheting with before so such a treat! Tricot yarn, in three colors, lovely and heavy! 3.3 kg in total, but thankfully I was carrying J in the Tula so I could load up the baby carriage. 

Yarn from Blötbergsboden from Ludvika, Sweden. 

I also found some other bits and pieces: 2 new crochet hooks, 5 really sweet stitchmarkers, buttons and a book about crocheting. I love books, I mean really love books and with 2 kids it’s hard to find the time to dive into a good book for hours on end but books like this are a different story. Flicking through, getting inspired and looking a beautiful patterns – I just love it! 

This book is by Betsan Corkhill with the original title “Crochet Therapy”. So true, crocheting is therapy! With that I hope you have a pleasant evening, I’m going to do some therapy. 

Peace love and crocheting,