Opening at Favoritgarner

When I arrived just before lunchtime there was a que out the door and inside it was jam packed with cheerful yarn-addicted people. I had J in the Tula, sleeping as always, and except for this one incident with a pushy older woman – who for some reason thought pushing past me and J taking the hit was fine – it was such a great day! Me and this pregnant girl just looked at each other, eyebrows raised, shaking our heads and feeling a hell of lot more adult than the old lady acted. I must say, that for some reason I always thought that adults knew how to behave and were well mannered, and every time things like this happens I’m always surprised. I just can’t get used to it. It’s at times like this I really miss the U.K. 

Oops sorry, train of thought got away with me. This is not about old cranky ladies and their bad manners. I’ll save that for another day. 

In any case it was a really nice event and I’m so happy I got there in time. It meant I managed to get a hold of a goody bag, yeay! And this was the content:


Going to visit Favoritgarner is def worth your while, and I would recommend anyone who likes good customer service and great yarn to go.

Now it’s bedtime for my big little M. And I’m hoping to get some crochet time later on this evening! Til next time!