Temperature blanket

Every morning when I get up I check what temperature it is outside. I do this because I’m working on a temperature blanket for 2017. I hadn’t heard of it before this January, probably because this is when I joined instagram as crochetingKay, but I just fell in love with the idea. I’ll explain it for those of you who don’t know what it is! 

You start on the first day of the year, then again you can start this whenever you want and do it for a year – for instance from one birthday to the next, and you crochet one row or one square every single day. The color is corresponding to what the temperature is outside. So to start off you need to make your color chart and decide when and how often you will have a color change. You can have as many colors as you want, one for each degree if that floats your boat, this is what my chart looks like: 

I’ve covered in quite a few degrees in each color and also I’ve got a wide range of colors. Next time I might choose only different shades of pink/red/orange/yellow or blue/green/purple etc I’ve seen others do that and it looks very nice. It all depends on what you yourself want. 

Then you need to choose what blanket you want to make, you can do one square each day for instance or you can do one stripe a day. I chose to do granny stripes and if that’s to you’re liking make sure you do it in multiples o three. I started off with a chain of 225, which will be a good size for a big blanket. But again, you can do anything that you want to do, just single crochet or doubles or flowers or whatever. I just wanted something really simple! 

It’s great fun seeing the blanket unfold, also it’s the one thing I make sure I get done every day – so atleast there’s some crocheting every day in my life no matter how hectic the days turns out to be! 

This is what it looked like after one month: 

And this is the progress after today:


I love how random the blanket becomes in a way that you can’t plan! 

I did some calculations and I’m going to be needing 81(!) skeins of yarn and the blanket is going to be almost 3m long..! Talk about a family blanket.