Pattern testing

So it’s a Friday of fixing and moving things around. Big M is at home, and little J as well. 

We’re swapping loads of rooms around, so there are so many things in the wrong place right now, like beds in the livingroom…

But before sorting this mess out I’m helping out the lovely @crochetedbytess and trying out one of her patterns. It’s a sweet little flower so it’s a nice way to start off my messy day! 

I’m using some yarn left over from the InBloomCAL from Scheepjes and hook 2.5mm

After rows 1 and 2

After row 3 and just staring row 4

Like with everything when you are creating something you just do. Getting it down on paper so someone can recreate what you have done is not always so straight forward. Some things you automatically do and forget to write down etc. So getting someone to crochet your pattern can be a great help. It can be just one tiny step that trips someone up, so I think it’s great fun to do this for crochetedbytess. 

I’ve only found a few things that needs changing, and some tiny errors that tripped me up but after everything got cleared isn’t it just a lovely little flower? 

Above is the completed flower after row 4. 

I had it in my possession for about 30 seconds then this happened:

“Oh mommy is that for me?? Thank you!!”

If you are guessing that my tea is cold, you would be correct. 

Find the pattern on @crochetedbytess blog, I will update with a link later on!