Drops Spring Lane CAL

It’s not like I don’t have anything to do. I’m working on two blankets, one cushion, I’m part of one CAL already so things to fill my day? I have them. And then I haven’t even mentioned my two kids.

Still when I saw the Drops Spring Lane CAL I wanted to do that one too. The other CAL I’m doing at the moment, Hygge, is amazing however I really don’t feel like doing cross stitches and it’s full of them so I’ve paused it. 

I hadn’t planned it, but when I was a my local yarn shop today just to get more white yarn for my temperature blanket yarn got the better of me. So I started looking at loads of different yarns trying to figure out how this was not going to cost me a fortune and remembered I had a box full of yarn that I bought there ages ago, hoping that I could just top that up so I didn’t have to buy 1100g of yarn (!) and break the bank. Of course they don’t stock that specific yarn anymore….

Even though I don’t have enough yarn in weight I’m hoping it will be fine as this yarn that I had, BC Garn Semilla Fino is 240m/50g unlike the recommended 80m/50g. Time will tell, and atleast I didn’t end up buying loads of new yarn that I don’t even have room for. 

I love crocheting with this yarn, it’s the same I had for when I did the rose blanket for my goddaughter: 

And it’s organic wool, so warm and full of goodness. 

I finished my 2 first squares yesterday and I love them! They are, however, a lot smaller than the they are supposed to be..mine are about 16-17cm and in the pattern it says 25cm…that is a lot! 

(Top one 4.5 hook, the two underneath 4 hook)

I went down a hooksize from 4.5 to 4 as that worked better for the yarn. So combined with the fact that the yarn is so much thinner it’s no wonder that my squares are smaller. 

I love the colors, maybe not so much Spring in them, maybe a bit more Autumn but still, beautiful! Can’t wait to see where this pattern is going to go!