A non-crocheting evening

I was up early today…too early. So now I’m really tired. 

I had a creative meeting at 08 and I had to drive as J was coming with me so the alarm went off at 06:45. Zzzzzzzz

I had to wake J up but she was so tired she got to go in her pjs the lucky little thing. It was easier and quicker that way, and it meant I was actually at my meeting on time!

It was a great meeting, not anything to do with crocheting though, but still great.

After that I had other errands to run, so I’m sad to say that my day has not been on the couch crocheting. I did do my stripe on my temperature blanket, and I managed to do my stop-motion for the week. But now I’m so tired I’m not even tempted to pick up a hook and I actually think I’m off to bed already, which is almost 2-3 hours earlier than usual for me. Well miracles happen right! 

Tomorrow though, I will crochet!! More!! All day!!