Looking at space differently

We live in a big apartment in Stockholm, we’re very lucky that way – space is a luxury when you live in crowded cities.

(View from our apartment)

Sometimes we take it for granted, we definitely did B.C (before children), and now that that’s changed we don’t anymore. We look at the space differently than before and now it’s more about planning and getting the most out of the space we have. Trying to make every square foot count. 

B.C both me and my husband had our own separate rooms for our own stuff, mine for my music and creative stuff and his for his music and video games. 

For a while a close friend of mine needed somewhere to live so she moved in to one of the spare rooms for about a year.

When M was on her way we rearranged, and we started sharing an office. 

When J was on her way we again rearranged but this time it was about getting the kids bedroom and playroom sorted. T (my husband) also custom built a bookcase for one of our walls in the livingroom, wardrobes for the front hall and several other things that took all summer to make. I decorated and sorted out the playroom, we thought it important the M had her own space for when the baby was due and also the possibility of sleeping in her own room in case the baby cried all night. (We co-sleep so everyone’s together in the same huge bed)

Now we’re rearranging yet again, two out of three rooms are done. The children now have one big play/bed-room, we’ve moved our bedroom into a much smaller room and my creative studio is the one room left to complete. 

My very messy non existing office at the moment

My livingroom is longing to be cleared of all my yarn and mess and my fingers are itching to get in! I will update about it here, it’s all very exciting and many things need to be done before I can move in. 

Now off to buy material and paint! Watch this space!!