Making lists and having a deadline

The plan was not to start a zillion different CALs but it’s been hard to resist. Every CAL inspires and teaches you something new; a new stitch, way of thinking or new combination of textures or colors.

When I started seeing pictures of the Spring Lane CAL by Drops I just had to participate as I’ve already written about earlier here.

Obviously you can always do already completed CALs, one I really want to do some day is Sophie’s Universe. But for me it’s actually easier to do it “live” cause it gives me a clear deadline, clear boxes to tick and proper progress week after week. Everyone’s different but I need that. 

Lists of what to do and when, without them days just blur past and nothing has really been done. Being organized is so important for me, with that said when I drop the ball I drop every ball I’m trying to juggle. It’s actually quite funny, cause I think people find me really messy, but I always know where everything is which is why when we were clearing everything for the moving of all the rooms my husband moved things without telling me (for obvious reasons) so now I can’t find anything – and he mostly thought he was just moving one messy spot to another. Man we are different, and thank god for that! 

That’s another reason why I just can’t wait for my creative room/office to be completed. So I can get myself organized and the room will stay in the state I left it. My husband is doing a fantastic job in there and it’s going to be so exciting to show the end result. A part of me wants to show you a sneak peak, but I’m keeping my cool so I can do a behind the scenes later instead. 

Back to lists and deadlines. I’ve always been like that, needing structure and lists and deadlines more than I care to admit. It’s without them both my home and head is a mess. Lately I’ve been terrible at it, mostly because I’ve been crocheting every minute possible and it’s left little time for anything else. I think this horrifies my mother whenever she comes to visit, she has the tidiest home ever – she probably thinks she did an aweful job raising me haha. On the contrary, she did an awesome job, in my opinion. 

In previous jobs I’ve had (at the moment I’m on maternity leave) I’ve worked day and night to complete tasks and I have most certainly left things to the last minute but I’ve never missed a deadline. Right now my deadlines are quite fictional except for the ones for someone’s birthday etc – but they help me to stay on track and complete things. 

My lists help in every way. I even make lists when I do housework, it just makes my day so much clearer. 

I don’t know if this is a common way for people to do things, maybe I’m a bit strange? Everyone has to find their way, what works for them. As mentioned my husband and I are very different. I have several things going on around me and in my head whilst he does one thing at a time. Again, thank god we are different, it makes things work better for us. 

But my husband also works after deadlines, like when he’s building things at home – however his deadlines are more based on “ok this should take one day, then it has to dry for 12 hours which means I can put another coat on at this hour and everything is complete by Thursday” so logical. Mine are more “I want this done by Friday.” If it’s at all possible doesn’t really matter, I just get it done til then. His way is probably better though if you need to pick one, but hey I do it my way! 

What’s your way?