I’ve always made room for creativity in my life. 

I have lyrics written on every different kinds of paper you can think of, everything from napkins to empty envelopes. 

Creativity happens wherever you are, not depending on the material you have access to or the place you’re in. Although these things can obviously also inspire and help the creative process.

Creativity has always been a natural part of me and my life. I come from a creative family so creativity has always been encouraged. 

Also I’ve always believed that creativity crosses borders, if you’re creative in one field it’s likely that you can also excel in other creative fields. You yourself set the limits. 

As I’ve mentioned before, music has been such a big part of my life that there’s been little room left for other things. And to now open this other door of creating, it’s just such a great thrill. 

Although it’s great, it is also taking over every inch of our livingroom as I’ve written about previously. But we’re almost there, not a lot left to do before my creative studio is complete, and I’m so happy with the results so far. Here is a sneak peak