The Flower Jar

There was always a plan for my Darling Little Flowers, and that was to make a flower jar for one of my dearest friends for her birthday. 

The gift was a big hit and she was really pleased, and now the pattern is ready for release! 

I’ve had two lovely ladies test the pattern you find them both on Instagram as @afvirk and @virklust 

To go to the pattern page click this link!

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Toffee Popcorn – a new stitch

I have just about finished writing down the pattern for “The Flower Jar”

When I’m making patterns I obviously use stitches that I already know, it would just be a mess otherwise, but sometimes I just crochet and hope it’s a stitch. I usually find out what it’s called after some googling but in the case of the little flower buds that I made for the top of The Flower Jar I couldn’t find anything that matched so I made my own stitch.


So intruducing toffee popcorn!

It is a popcornstitch made with 5dc and a color change. This is how you make it!

When you are about to complete your 2nd (of your 5) dc, change color.

When you are about to complete your 3rd dc in your new color change back to your original color.

Make the last 2dc, complete your popcorn by dropping the loop on your hook. Taking your hook through the top stitch of your first dc, picking up your dropped loop and pulling it through and taaa-daaa!

As you can see you get a two-colored popcorn, or as I like to call it toffee popcorn!

If there is a “real” name for this stitch feel free to correct me, but I do like the name of this one! Now back to completing The Flower Jar Pattern, as soon as it has been tested I will post that here on the blog!

Have an awesome weekend you guys!