Minous butterflies

These cute little butterflies are going on the butterfly shawl I’m making for Minou. I’ve got an idea for the edging that will allow me to make the shawl bigger as Minou gets older, so I made these small butterflies to go on that edging. 

Here’s how I made them:

1. Ch4, sl st and make into ring

2. Ch2, hdc, dc, dc, picot with 1 ch, ch2, sl st in ring

3. Ch2, dc, picot with 1ch, dc, hdc, ch2, sl st in ring

4. Ch2, 2 dc, ch2, sl st in ring (repeat once)

Cut yarn and fasten

Take a piece of yarn in a different color and tie round the middle a few times, with you’ve fastened it tie two knots on the ends to make the antennas!

Done! They are very quick and easy and very sweet!