The Geojoin

When deciding on how to join my African flowers that have 6 corners I couldn’t find a way that I liked for what I was doing. 

I’m making a pillow/cushion for my goddaughter and I wanted it flat in the join not bulgy and I wasn’t able to get the result I was after when I crocheted the hexagons together so I made up a way. 

The amazing Crocheted By Tess helped me come up with the oh so catchy name “The Geojoin” due to the symmetrical look and the geometrical pattern of the triangles that appear when joining the corners of the hexagons together. 

Here is how to make this join:
The sides are sewn in the back loops, details further down.

When you come to a corner you pick up the final back loop and go in the corner of the top hexagons shown below

Next go go in the corner of the hexagons you picked up the last back loop from and up through the third and final hexagon corner as shown below

Now you go down through the top hexagon corner and up through the hexagon corner (the one where you picked up the last back loop)

Finally you go down through the third joining hexagon. Here you also go in through the back loop of this hexagon so you can continue down the side and join the sides together

Below is a clearer picture of where to go up in the back loop

This should now have formed your triangle join for the corner

To join the sides this is how you go through the back loops

When you reach the end of the side it should look like this:

You now turn, instead of joining the next hexagon and complete the side. 

It should look like this:

When you get back to your triangle join go up in the back loop of the top hexagon 

And now you can continue to join this side:

As you might see the middle flowers sides are only made one way, so when the hexagons surrounding are in place you go around once more round the middle flower and complete the side joins! 

I hope this was helpful and if there are any questions let me know!! 

This join is copyrighted by me so I ask that you do not claim this as your own. I would love to see pictures so please #thegeojoin and #crochetingkay so I can find any pics posted on Instagram

Peace love and crocheting