The Oh So Simple Coasters 

I had this request for a pattern for the simple but pretty coasters I did for my 500 followers giveaway on Instagram. So of course I would love to share that pattern here. It is a very simple pattern so I am not making a whole PDF with picture instructions that I normally do. 

The pattern is free, please feel free to make the coasters but do not claim the pattern as your own. Credit me @crochetingkay and use the #theohsosimplecoasters so I can see your beautiful work on social media! 

The pattern is in US terms and if there are questions you know where to find me! 

Chain 4 and slst to make ring

Round 1 – 12 dcs in ring

Round 2 – 2dc in every stitch (24dc)

Round 3 – 1dc, 2dc *repeat the whole round (36dc)

Round 4 – 1dc, 1dc, 2dc *repeat the whole round (48dc)

Round 5 – repeat round 4, cut yarn and fasten off (64dc) 

Round 6 – new color, sc all the way around, cut yarn and fasten (64sc)

Round 7 – first color, make sc in every stitch with a chain 1 in between ever sc; i.e. Sc ch1, sc ch1 *repeat for the whole round

Cut yarn and fasten (64sc, 64ch1 spaces)

And your done!