The Come Hug Me Cushion/Blanket

I’ve been lucky enough to start a collaboration with Hobbii and as I prefer to work with natural materials we decided on wool yarn from Hjertegarn and cotton yarn from Hobbii’s own brand. 

I’ve wanted to make a floor cushion for my girls for a long time, so this turned out to be the perfect opportunity with the beautiful think wool yarn. The yarn can be purchased here: Hjertegarns Natur Ull

I like to think outside the box, and seeing as I get very cold this time of year the combination of cushion that can also be a blanket seemed like the perfect idea. When you live in Sweden you get cold! 

The yarn has been an absolute joy to work with, I used a 7mm hook, 12 skeins of yarn and a cushion size 65x65cm from Ikea. 

Another nifty thing about this piece is that the pattern is the same on both the front and the back, so both the cushion and the blanket looks beautiful from every angle and there is no inside out! 

The finished cushion and blanket:

It is already a big hit here at home!

Would you like to test this pattern before it becomes available? Get in touch, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! 

Peace, Love and Crocheting