Lavender pops

I wanted to make sure I was on top on things this year and Christmas gifts for all the preschool teachers is one of those things is didn’t want to miss. At the moment there are 9 (!) teachers at Minous preschool so it had to be something small, but with a lot of heart.

In my garden I have lavender and who doesn’t love to have a lavenderbag in their closet? So these gifts are both homemade AND homegrown!

Of course you can buy lavender in the shops and still make bags so here is the pattern for my sweet little Lavender Pops! (I actually wish I could eat them, they look so tasty)


  • US terms
  • 3mm hook
  • cotton yarn, I used Paintbox Yarn but any cotton yarn will do!
  • dried lavender
  • white fabric to make little bags to hold the lavender and go in the Lavender Pop
  • thin ribbon

Stitches used in pattern:

  • MC – Magic circle
  • ch – chain
  • sc – single crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • 2dctog – 2 double crochet together
  • popcorn – in this pattern made with 4 dc
  • sp – space (used for the chain spaces i.e. ch2-sp)

Helpful notes and tips

  • I changed colors after each round, I have not explained this in the pattern, so after each round you cut your yarn and fasten your ends. Unless of course you are making the bag in one color in which case you slip stitch on top of the beginning stitch and keep going from there
  • I also start every round with a standing dc and if this is new territory for you there is a good tutorial here: Standing DC tutorial

Lavender Pops – pattern by CrochetingKay

Round 1

Mc, ch2 (counts as first sc and ch)

sc, ch1 – repeat this until you have 8 sc and 8 ch1-spaces in your magic circle

(8sc, 8 ch1-sp)

Round 2

In each ch1-sp you make 2dctog, ch1 – in total of 8 times

(8 dc-clusters, 8 ch1-sp)

Round 3

In each ch1-sp you make 1 popcorn, ch2 – in total of 8 times

(8 popcorn, 8 ch2-sp)

Round 4

In each ch2-sp you make 2 popcorn with 1 ch in between, ch1 to get to the next ch2-sp again in a total of 8 times

(16 popcorn, 16 h1-sp)

Round 5

Popcorn in each ch1-sp, ch1 between each popcorn in total of 16 times

(16 popcorn, 16 ch1-sp)

Round 6

Popcorn in each ch1-sp 16 times – BUT NO CHAINS IN BETWEEN

(16 popcorn)

Round 6,5

Now it’s time to fill your Lavender Pop before closing the opening. I did it this way:

I found something round in the size of the Laveder Pop and drew on the fabric I had bought, folded the fabric so that it would create a bag when sewn together. I have a sewing machine but sewing for hand will do the trick as the bags are so small. I sew around the marking leaving about 2 cm for the opening. I cut a few mm outside the marking and turned the bag inside out.

Filled the bag with lavender and sew the opening shut. Done!

Place the bag of lavender in the Lavender Pop

Round 7

Between each popcorn make 2dctog in total of 16 times

(16 dc-clusters)

Round 8

Dc in each stitch in total of 16 times

(16 dc)

Finishing touches

  • Cut your ribbon so that you have enough to tie through the last round and make a bow. Mine were 35cm
  • Pull through every other dc of the last round, pull to close the opening and make a bow
  • Done!


I hope you have enjoyed making my Lavender Pops, this is a free pattern so all I ask is that you credit me and that you do not claim the pattern as your own. Patternmaking and writing takes both time, love and skill, I ask you to respect that.

Please use the hashtag #lavenderpops and #crochetingkay when posting pictures in social media so I can find your beautiful pops!

If you find something that is wrong or if you have any questions please get in touch either here or on Instagram! Happy crocheting everyone!

Peace, Love and Crocheting