Tunisian Crocheting

I do love challenging myself in trying new things and what better than to do it in crocheting? I’ve seen Tunisian Crocheting and thought that it is so beautiful and I’ve really wanted to give it a go. When I ran across TL Yarn Crafts and the video-tutorial for a headband I jumped on it straight away.

As I don’t have any hooks suited for Tunisian crochet I took the next best thing, a metal hook that I’ve actually never used before. It did the job however it wasn’t the right size for the project so I had to do quite a few extra rows to get a length that would fit around my head! The project called for 55 rows and I ended up making…95(!?!?!) so either I have a really big head or the yarn and the hook just needed that many rows! This in the end only means that it probably took me longer than if I used the recommended hook size and that my finished project isn’t as wide as the one in the tutorial. I can live with that.

The yarn I used was Sugar Baby Alpaca by Wool and the Gang in the color “so yellow” – I mean it’s going around my head so it better be all soft and lovely right?

It did take a while to get use to crochet like this, and my hands did get pretty tired from time to time. Now that I’m a little more familiar my hands are not getting tired however I will want to invest in proper hooks for the next project as the loops keep getting caught on the flat part of my metal hook.

I love the texture and had loads of fun making this, it will take a lot more practicing though to get things as neat as I prefer them to be. The one side becomes really nice, neat and straight but the other one…the turning side doesn’t live up to my standard yet – and I noticed that I missed the right stitch sometimes but as it was my first time I was not inclined to frog and correct – especially not with this yarn as it has a tendency to get stuck and that makes no one happy!

In any case I’ve finished it and I’m pleased with it as it is my first go at this type of crocheting! Who knows what the future holds for med with Tunisian Crochet? The only thing I do know is that it’s not the last time.

Peace Love and Crocheting



Heart Cats – A Valentines Challenge to do all year round!

On Valentine’s Day I posted a challenge on Instagram. Even though it was called a Valentine’s Day Challenge it’s good all year round!

There is a little charity called “The Heart Cat” or “Hjärtekatten” and it’s such a lovely initiative. They engage prople to crochet these little cats, name them and send them to different hospitals around Sweden. The cats are given to any baby och child who has undergone heartsurgery. It’s to provide them with a little extra comfort during what is, to call it lightly, a really tough part of their life. There is also the option to crochet sibling-animals as this also effects the familymembers.

The pattern is free both on their website in Swedish and in US terms

So! The challenge was this; crochet a Heart Cat and in turn challenge 3 fellow crocheters. This in the hope that we could spread the word and get loads of crocheters involved. Even though this is a Swedish charity, children from all over the world come here to have surgery and therefore I’m hoping that it will spread internationally and I’ve also said that I can help out with information and support in sending the cats to the right place. Especially since the website is in Swedish.

Now let me introduce you to Rosita, my heart cat that I’ve made. Inspired by the most amazing film “Sing” I named my cat after one of the main characters and also gave her dancing clothes – Sings Rosita is not a ballet dancer however I thought that was the cutest thing to do!
I changed the pattern around a little bit, only in the details – like the clothes and also minor things like the ears and nose. After a while I noticed that her face is more in the shape of a lion now, but then that made me think of the “heart like a lion” saying and then I thought that was pretty ok too.

I used Rainbow Cotton yarn from Hobbii – I actually started out with a different cotton yarn but changed as I like this yarn a lot better. Crocheting amigurumi makes my hands really tired so finding a yarn that I’m comfortable with becomes crucial. The change was very welcomed by my hands.

My daughters love the finished cat and M is really proud that it’s for a child with heart problems, and every time anyone has visited us in the past few days she brings Rosita and tells the person all about the challenge. Bless her heart!

Speaking of hearts, every cat has a little heart, I improvised and must say I think it turned out really sweet. And on the heart you embroider a scar.

I really hope that you feel inspired and charitable enough to join in the challenge. As I’ve mentioned it’s good all year round, but Valentines Day – a day to celebrate love and heart was the perfect time to launch the challenge!

Tag your pictures with #valentinesheartcat and start making some cats!!


Peace, love and crocheting