Tunisian Crocheting

I do love challenging myself in trying new things and what better than to do it in crocheting? I’ve seen Tunisian Crocheting and thought that it is so beautiful and I’ve really wanted to give it a go. When I ran across TL Yarn Crafts and the video-tutorial for a headband I jumped on it straight away.

As I don’t have any hooks suited for Tunisian crochet I took the next best thing, a metal hook that I’ve actually never used before. It did the job however it wasn’t the right size for the project so I had to do quite a few extra rows to get a length that would fit around my head! The project called for 55 rows and I ended up making…95(!?!?!) so either I have a really big head or the yarn and the hook just needed that many rows! This in the end only means that it probably took me longer than if I used the recommended hook size and that my finished project isn’t as wide as the one in the tutorial. I can live with that.

The yarn I used was Sugar Baby Alpaca by Wool and the Gang in the color “so yellow” – I mean it’s going around my head so it better be all soft and lovely right?

It did take a while to get use to crochet like this, and my hands did get pretty tired from time to time. Now that I’m a little more familiar my hands are not getting tired however I will want to invest in proper hooks for the next project as the loops keep getting caught on the flat part of my metal hook.

I love the texture and had loads of fun making this, it will take a lot more practicing though to get things as neat as I prefer them to be. The one side becomes really nice, neat and straight but the other one…the turning side doesn’t live up to my standard yet – and I noticed that I missed the right stitch sometimes but as it was my first time I was not inclined to frog and correct – especially not with this yarn as it has a tendency to get stuck and that makes no one happy!

In any case I’ve finished it and I’m pleased with it as it is my first go at this type of crocheting! Who knows what the future holds for med with Tunisian Crochet? The only thing I do know is that it’s not the last time.

Peace Love and Crocheting