I’ve moved, but not that far

Sometime things happen in your life to take you down roads you never really thought you would walk. As most of you will know I work closely with Tess from Crochetedbytess and that we now have a company together.

So you might’ve noticed that I’m not here anymore! You find me over on our joint homepage

You will find so much more over there, al the info about our CAL that we are hosting in January and with the added bonus that you get both of us!

I hope you’ll come join me in my new internet home cause you sure are welcome to.

Peace, love and crocheting


The Fab5Flower pattern release


It’s always great to be able to share your creativity, for the Fab5Flower I’ve done this for free on Ravelry and Lovecrochet! And it’s not only 1 pattern, it’s actually 5 patterns in one, plus an added bonus one from Crochetedbytess just to make it that much more fun!

I wanted to show how just one thing can be useful in more ways than one, how something as simple as a flower can have more depth than you think. Hopefully it will spark some creativity and joy just like it did for me!

Download it now to find out all of the different things you can do with the pattern! I hope you enjoy it

Peace, Love and Crocheting


Sip Stitch – Episode 1 

Tomorrow, Thursday the 17th of May at 11am CET it’s time for Episode 1 of Sip Stitch – a live Instagram broadcast with me and @crochetedbytess
Sip Stitch will be a weekly chat between us about everything from yarn and tea to motherhood and girl bosses! In the first episode we will talk about Sip Stitch, about how we met and became friends and probably about tea, however, it is live and as you know anything can happen live!
Don’t miss out on the fun, make yourself a tea and/or coffee and come see us on Thursday! And if there’s something you wanna hear us talk about let us know!
We hope we’ll see you over at Instagram

Progress update and secrets revealed

As you might’ve have noticed, using my homepage as a blog is not really what I’m doing, I do think that to be able to call it a blog you have to update more often that what I’m doing!

I do use this space for updates, news on my crocheting adventures and also sharing the patterns that I make for free.

Today I want to share some recent updates that I have not been able to talk about, but now the cat is out of the bag and I can let you all in on the secret that I have been working on comissions for the magazine Inside Crochet. This is such an amazing and scary adventure and I hope that you will join me and hopefully cheer me on along the way.

I don’t know how others define a designer, or any other creative person for that matter, and if the only proof is that someone has found you – recognized you and actually pay for you to work? If that is the case I am now proud to call myself a crocheting designer.

But what does that mean? What has all of the years spend perfecting the craft prior to that moment meant? Were you not a designer then? If no one is around to see your work, does that mean it’s worth less? You know the branch falling in the woods, if no one’ss there does the falling branch not make a sound? Worth thinking about. Important to think about.

A little over a year ago when I embarked on this journey I didn’t have a clue where it was going to lead me. I did not think that I would have over 2500 followers on Instagram or that I would be working with a crochet magazine on my designs. It is so humbling to look back and see how far you’ve come and to sometimes stop and give yourself a high five for all the hours spend perfecting and working on your craft.

My plan is to start selling my patterns as soon as the first issue that I’m a part of comes out, maybe not on the day but that will be the start. Trying to make creativity a business is difficult, but combined with my songwriting, singing at weddings and working closely with other creative souls I am hoping that I will be able to work solely with my creativity and not go back to a 9-5 job. We’ll call this plan A, and fingers crossed that I don’t have to come up with a plan B!

So all of the likes and comments, all of the messages and the patterns purchased mean the world to me and I really hope that you take a min when you are looking at my feed to let me know that you like what you see, and it’s so easy to just doubletap that picture infront of you! Buying a pattern och paying for a song is not much more expensive than buying a latte from Starbucks, but it will last you a lifetime and bring you joy over that lifetime.

Support creatives! I know I do. And this world without creativity would be even colder than it is right now, wouldn’t you agree?


Peace, love and crocheting


Tunisian Crocheting

I do love challenging myself in trying new things and what better than to do it in crocheting? I’ve seen Tunisian Crocheting and thought that it is so beautiful and I’ve really wanted to give it a go. When I ran across TL Yarn Crafts and the video-tutorial for a headband I jumped on it straight away.

As I don’t have any hooks suited for Tunisian crochet I took the next best thing, a metal hook that I’ve actually never used before. It did the job however it wasn’t the right size for the project so I had to do quite a few extra rows to get a length that would fit around my head! The project called for 55 rows and I ended up making…95(!?!?!) so either I have a really big head or the yarn and the hook just needed that many rows! This in the end only means that it probably took me longer than if I used the recommended hook size and that my finished project isn’t as wide as the one in the tutorial. I can live with that.

The yarn I used was Sugar Baby Alpaca by Wool and the Gang in the color “so yellow” – I mean it’s going around my head so it better be all soft and lovely right?

It did take a while to get use to crochet like this, and my hands did get pretty tired from time to time. Now that I’m a little more familiar my hands are not getting tired however I will want to invest in proper hooks for the next project as the loops keep getting caught on the flat part of my metal hook.

I love the texture and had loads of fun making this, it will take a lot more practicing though to get things as neat as I prefer them to be. The one side becomes really nice, neat and straight but the other one…the turning side doesn’t live up to my standard yet – and I noticed that I missed the right stitch sometimes but as it was my first time I was not inclined to frog and correct – especially not with this yarn as it has a tendency to get stuck and that makes no one happy!

In any case I’ve finished it and I’m pleased with it as it is my first go at this type of crocheting! Who knows what the future holds for med with Tunisian Crochet? The only thing I do know is that it’s not the last time.

Peace Love and Crocheting



Heart Cats – A Valentines Challenge to do all year round!

On Valentine’s Day I posted a challenge on Instagram. Even though it was called a Valentine’s Day Challenge it’s good all year round!

There is a little charity called “The Heart Cat” or “Hjärtekatten” and it’s such a lovely initiative. They engage prople to crochet these little cats, name them and send them to different hospitals around Sweden. The cats are given to any baby och child who has undergone heartsurgery. It’s to provide them with a little extra comfort during what is, to call it lightly, a really tough part of their life. There is also the option to crochet sibling-animals as this also effects the familymembers.

The pattern is free both on their website in Swedish and in US terms

So! The challenge was this; crochet a Heart Cat and in turn challenge 3 fellow crocheters. This in the hope that we could spread the word and get loads of crocheters involved. Even though this is a Swedish charity, children from all over the world come here to have surgery and therefore I’m hoping that it will spread internationally and I’ve also said that I can help out with information and support in sending the cats to the right place. Especially since the website is in Swedish.

Now let me introduce you to Rosita, my heart cat that I’ve made. Inspired by the most amazing film “Sing” I named my cat after one of the main characters and also gave her dancing clothes – Sings Rosita is not a ballet dancer however I thought that was the cutest thing to do!
I changed the pattern around a little bit, only in the details – like the clothes and also minor things like the ears and nose. After a while I noticed that her face is more in the shape of a lion now, but then that made me think of the “heart like a lion” saying and then I thought that was pretty ok too.

I used Rainbow Cotton yarn from Hobbii – I actually started out with a different cotton yarn but changed as I like this yarn a lot better. Crocheting amigurumi makes my hands really tired so finding a yarn that I’m comfortable with becomes crucial. The change was very welcomed by my hands.

My daughters love the finished cat and M is really proud that it’s for a child with heart problems, and every time anyone has visited us in the past few days she brings Rosita and tells the person all about the challenge. Bless her heart!

Speaking of hearts, every cat has a little heart, I improvised and must say I think it turned out really sweet. And on the heart you embroider a scar.

I really hope that you feel inspired and charitable enough to join in the challenge. As I’ve mentioned it’s good all year round, but Valentines Day – a day to celebrate love and heart was the perfect time to launch the challenge!

Tag your pictures with #valentinesheartcat and start making some cats!!


Peace, love and crocheting




Lavender pops

I wanted to make sure I was on top on things this year and Christmas gifts for all the preschool teachers is one of those things is didn’t want to miss. At the moment there are 9 (!) teachers at Minous preschool so it had to be something small, but with a lot of heart.

In my garden I have lavender and who doesn’t love to have a lavenderbag in their closet? So these gifts are both homemade AND homegrown!

Of course you can buy lavender in the shops and still make bags so here is the pattern for my sweet little Lavender Pops! (I actually wish I could eat them, they look so tasty)


  • US terms
  • 3mm hook
  • cotton yarn, I used Paintbox Yarn but any cotton yarn will do!
  • dried lavender
  • white fabric to make little bags to hold the lavender and go in the Lavender Pop
  • thin ribbon

Stitches used in pattern:

  • MC – Magic circle
  • ch – chain
  • sc – single crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • 2dctog – 2 double crochet together
  • popcorn – in this pattern made with 4 dc
  • sp – space (used for the chain spaces i.e. ch2-sp)

Helpful notes and tips

  • I changed colors after each round, I have not explained this in the pattern, so after each round you cut your yarn and fasten your ends. Unless of course you are making the bag in one color in which case you slip stitch on top of the beginning stitch and keep going from there
  • I also start every round with a standing dc and if this is new territory for you there is a good tutorial here: Standing DC tutorial

Lavender Pops – pattern by CrochetingKay

Round 1

Mc, ch2 (counts as first sc and ch)

sc, ch1 – repeat this until you have 8 sc and 8 ch1-spaces in your magic circle

(8sc, 8 ch1-sp)

Round 2

In each ch1-sp you make 2dctog, ch1 – in total of 8 times

(8 dc-clusters, 8 ch1-sp)

Round 3

In each ch1-sp you make 1 popcorn, ch2 – in total of 8 times

(8 popcorn, 8 ch2-sp)

Round 4

In each ch2-sp you make 2 popcorn with 1 ch in between, ch1 to get to the next ch2-sp again in a total of 8 times

(16 popcorn, 16 h1-sp)

Round 5

Popcorn in each ch1-sp, ch1 between each popcorn in total of 16 times

(16 popcorn, 16 ch1-sp)

Round 6

Popcorn in each ch1-sp 16 times – BUT NO CHAINS IN BETWEEN

(16 popcorn)

Round 6,5

Now it’s time to fill your Lavender Pop before closing the opening. I did it this way:

I found something round in the size of the Laveder Pop and drew on the fabric I had bought, folded the fabric so that it would create a bag when sewn together. I have a sewing machine but sewing for hand will do the trick as the bags are so small. I sew around the marking leaving about 2 cm for the opening. I cut a few mm outside the marking and turned the bag inside out.

Filled the bag with lavender and sew the opening shut. Done!

Place the bag of lavender in the Lavender Pop

Round 7

Between each popcorn make 2dctog in total of 16 times

(16 dc-clusters)

Round 8

Dc in each stitch in total of 16 times

(16 dc)

Finishing touches

  • Cut your ribbon so that you have enough to tie through the last round and make a bow. Mine were 35cm
  • Pull through every other dc of the last round, pull to close the opening and make a bow
  • Done!


I hope you have enjoyed making my Lavender Pops, this is a free pattern so all I ask is that you credit me and that you do not claim the pattern as your own. Patternmaking and writing takes both time, love and skill, I ask you to respect that.

Please use the hashtag #lavenderpops and #crochetingkay when posting pictures in social media so I can find your beautiful pops!

If you find something that is wrong or if you have any questions please get in touch either here or on Instagram! Happy crocheting everyone!

Peace, Love and Crocheting



The Come Hug Me Cushion/Blanket

I’ve been lucky enough to start a collaboration with Hobbii and as I prefer to work with natural materials we decided on wool yarn from Hjertegarn and cotton yarn from Hobbii’s own brand. 

I’ve wanted to make a floor cushion for my girls for a long time, so this turned out to be the perfect opportunity with the beautiful think wool yarn. The yarn can be purchased here: Hjertegarns Natur Ull

I like to think outside the box, and seeing as I get very cold this time of year the combination of cushion that can also be a blanket seemed like the perfect idea. When you live in Sweden you get cold! 

The yarn has been an absolute joy to work with, I used a 7mm hook, 12 skeins of yarn and a cushion size 65x65cm from Ikea. 

Another nifty thing about this piece is that the pattern is the same on both the front and the back, so both the cushion and the blanket looks beautiful from every angle and there is no inside out! 

The finished cushion and blanket:

It is already a big hit here at home!

Would you like to test this pattern before it becomes available? Get in touch, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! 

Peace, Love and Crocheting


The Oh So Simple Coasters 

I had this request for a pattern for the simple but pretty coasters I did for my 500 followers giveaway on Instagram. So of course I would love to share that pattern here. It is a very simple pattern so I am not making a whole PDF with picture instructions that I normally do. 

The pattern is free, please feel free to make the coasters but do not claim the pattern as your own. Credit me @crochetingkay and use the #theohsosimplecoasters so I can see your beautiful work on social media! 

The pattern is in US terms and if there are questions you know where to find me! 

Chain 4 and slst to make ring

Round 1 – 12 dcs in ring

Round 2 – 2dc in every stitch (24dc)

Round 3 – 1dc, 2dc *repeat the whole round (36dc)

Round 4 – 1dc, 1dc, 2dc *repeat the whole round (48dc)

Round 5 – repeat round 4, cut yarn and fasten off (64dc) 

Round 6 – new color, sc all the way around, cut yarn and fasten (64sc)

Round 7 – first color, make sc in every stitch with a chain 1 in between ever sc; i.e. Sc ch1, sc ch1 *repeat for the whole round

Cut yarn and fasten (64sc, 64ch1 spaces)

And your done!