The Geojoin

When deciding on how to join my African flowers that have 6 corners I couldn’t find a way that I liked for what I was doing. 

I’m making a pillow/cushion for my goddaughter and I wanted it flat in the join not bulgy and I wasn’t able to get the result I was after when I crocheted the hexagons together so I made up a way. 

The amazing Crocheted By Tess helped me come up with the oh so catchy name “The Geojoin” due to the symmetrical look and the geometrical pattern of the triangles that appear when joining the corners of the hexagons together. 

Here is how to make this join:
The sides are sewn in the back loops, details further down.

When you come to a corner you pick up the final back loop and go in the corner of the top hexagons shown below

Next go go in the corner of the hexagons you picked up the last back loop from and up through the third and final hexagon corner as shown below

Now you go down through the top hexagon corner and up through the hexagon corner (the one where you picked up the last back loop)

Finally you go down through the third joining hexagon. Here you also go in through the back loop of this hexagon so you can continue down the side and join the sides together

Below is a clearer picture of where to go up in the back loop

This should now have formed your triangle join for the corner

To join the sides this is how you go through the back loops

When you reach the end of the side it should look like this:

You now turn, instead of joining the next hexagon and complete the side. 

It should look like this:

When you get back to your triangle join go up in the back loop of the top hexagon 

And now you can continue to join this side:

As you might see the middle flowers sides are only made one way, so when the hexagons surrounding are in place you go around once more round the middle flower and complete the side joins! 

I hope this was helpful and if there are any questions let me know!! 

This join is copyrighted by me so I ask that you do not claim this as your own. I would love to see pictures so please #thegeojoin and #crochetingkay so I can find any pics posted on Instagram

Peace love and crocheting


The Midsummer Seven


It’s such a great feeling to find that person that you want to work with. Someone to share your dreams and hopes, your love of creating and especially crocheting. CrochetedByTess is my person and together we have created Sisters In Stitch – and our first collaboration together is called The Midsummer Seven. The pattern can be found on both our homepages and we hope that the pattern will make your summer a little more lovely than usual.

You find the pattern here:

The Midsummer Seven


The Popcorn Coaster

I had so many requests on the pattern for my “Mandalablues” that I just had to sort that out! And in the process i made these coasters that I’m calling The Popcorn Coasters, as they are the middle of the “Mandalablues”


A few people have tested the pattern so fingers crossed that I haven’t missed anything!

It is a free pattern, copyrighted by me, all I ask is that you credit me and hashtag with the name of the pattern and #crochetingkay when you post pictures so that I get a chance to see your lovely work!

Click the link to get to my patterns, enjoy!

Patterns by CrochetingKay

Minous butterflies

These cute little butterflies are going on the butterfly shawl I’m making for Minou. I’ve got an idea for the edging that will allow me to make the shawl bigger as Minou gets older, so I made these small butterflies to go on that edging. 

Here’s how I made them:

1. Ch4, sl st and make into ring

2. Ch2, hdc, dc, dc, picot with 1 ch, ch2, sl st in ring

3. Ch2, dc, picot with 1ch, dc, hdc, ch2, sl st in ring

4. Ch2, 2 dc, ch2, sl st in ring (repeat once)

Cut yarn and fasten

Take a piece of yarn in a different color and tie round the middle a few times, with you’ve fastened it tie two knots on the ends to make the antennas!

Done! They are very quick and easy and very sweet! 

The Flower Jar

There was always a plan for my Darling Little Flowers, and that was to make a flower jar for one of my dearest friends for her birthday. 

The gift was a big hit and she was really pleased, and now the pattern is ready for release! 

I’ve had two lovely ladies test the pattern you find them both on Instagram as @afvirk and @virklust 

To go to the pattern page click this link!

My patterns

Toffee Popcorn – a new stitch

I have just about finished writing down the pattern for “The Flower Jar”

When I’m making patterns I obviously use stitches that I already know, it would just be a mess otherwise, but sometimes I just crochet and hope it’s a stitch. I usually find out what it’s called after some googling but in the case of the little flower buds that I made for the top of The Flower Jar I couldn’t find anything that matched so I made my own stitch.


So intruducing toffee popcorn!

It is a popcornstitch made with 5dc and a color change. This is how you make it!

When you are about to complete your 2nd (of your 5) dc, change color.

When you are about to complete your 3rd dc in your new color change back to your original color.

Make the last 2dc, complete your popcorn by dropping the loop on your hook. Taking your hook through the top stitch of your first dc, picking up your dropped loop and pulling it through and taaa-daaa!

As you can see you get a two-colored popcorn, or as I like to call it toffee popcorn!

If there is a “real” name for this stitch feel free to correct me, but I do like the name of this one! Now back to completing The Flower Jar Pattern, as soon as it has been tested I will post that here on the blog!

Have an awesome weekend you guys!

The Darling Little Flower

April is just around the corner and I have a tiny project to make as a dear friend has a birthday coming up.

So I started making these small little flowers to go in the project and they are so sweet I thought I might as well release the pattern on them asap rather than wait for the other project to be completed.

So here we are! You will find the patter under my pattern page or through the direct link under the picture below!

Happy crocheting

The Darling Little Flower


I’ve always made room for creativity in my life. 

I have lyrics written on every different kinds of paper you can think of, everything from napkins to empty envelopes. 

Creativity happens wherever you are, not depending on the material you have access to or the place you’re in. Although these things can obviously also inspire and help the creative process.

Creativity has always been a natural part of me and my life. I come from a creative family so creativity has always been encouraged. 

Also I’ve always believed that creativity crosses borders, if you’re creative in one field it’s likely that you can also excel in other creative fields. You yourself set the limits. 

As I’ve mentioned before, music has been such a big part of my life that there’s been little room left for other things. And to now open this other door of creating, it’s just such a great thrill. 

Although it’s great, it is also taking over every inch of our livingroom as I’ve written about previously. But we’re almost there, not a lot left to do before my creative studio is complete, and I’m so happy with the results so far. Here is a sneak peak 

Making lists and having a deadline

The plan was not to start a zillion different CALs but it’s been hard to resist. Every CAL inspires and teaches you something new; a new stitch, way of thinking or new combination of textures or colors.

When I started seeing pictures of the Spring Lane CAL by Drops I just had to participate as I’ve already written about earlier here.

Obviously you can always do already completed CALs, one I really want to do some day is Sophie’s Universe. But for me it’s actually easier to do it “live” cause it gives me a clear deadline, clear boxes to tick and proper progress week after week. Everyone’s different but I need that. 

Lists of what to do and when, without them days just blur past and nothing has really been done. Being organized is so important for me, with that said when I drop the ball I drop every ball I’m trying to juggle. It’s actually quite funny, cause I think people find me really messy, but I always know where everything is which is why when we were clearing everything for the moving of all the rooms my husband moved things without telling me (for obvious reasons) so now I can’t find anything – and he mostly thought he was just moving one messy spot to another. Man we are different, and thank god for that! 

That’s another reason why I just can’t wait for my creative room/office to be completed. So I can get myself organized and the room will stay in the state I left it. My husband is doing a fantastic job in there and it’s going to be so exciting to show the end result. A part of me wants to show you a sneak peak, but I’m keeping my cool so I can do a behind the scenes later instead. 

Back to lists and deadlines. I’ve always been like that, needing structure and lists and deadlines more than I care to admit. It’s without them both my home and head is a mess. Lately I’ve been terrible at it, mostly because I’ve been crocheting every minute possible and it’s left little time for anything else. I think this horrifies my mother whenever she comes to visit, she has the tidiest home ever – she probably thinks she did an aweful job raising me haha. On the contrary, she did an awesome job, in my opinion. 

In previous jobs I’ve had (at the moment I’m on maternity leave) I’ve worked day and night to complete tasks and I have most certainly left things to the last minute but I’ve never missed a deadline. Right now my deadlines are quite fictional except for the ones for someone’s birthday etc – but they help me to stay on track and complete things. 

My lists help in every way. I even make lists when I do housework, it just makes my day so much clearer. 

I don’t know if this is a common way for people to do things, maybe I’m a bit strange? Everyone has to find their way, what works for them. As mentioned my husband and I are very different. I have several things going on around me and in my head whilst he does one thing at a time. Again, thank god we are different, it makes things work better for us. 

But my husband also works after deadlines, like when he’s building things at home – however his deadlines are more based on “ok this should take one day, then it has to dry for 12 hours which means I can put another coat on at this hour and everything is complete by Thursday” so logical. Mine are more “I want this done by Friday.” If it’s at all possible doesn’t really matter, I just get it done til then. His way is probably better though if you need to pick one, but hey I do it my way! 

What’s your way? 

Theatre, vegan pear cake and park life 

It’s been one of those amazing days where Spring is in the air, the sun is out and birds take a dump on your baby carriage. Thankfully J was safe in the Tula carrier and nowhere near the bird poop. This was also at the end of our outing today so we were close to home and the antibacterial spray. 

As my husband is working round the clock to complete the things that need doing in my room I’ve taken the girls out both yesterday and today so that he can focus, because the sooner he gets done the better! 

Yesterday it was a day in the park with their grandma, with pony riding, looking at animals and drinking tea. Today it was theatre time with a dear old friend and her son (who incidentally was born on the exact same day as M) and oh my what a lovely production it was. All of us loved it, J fell asleep though but I didn’t really expect more from a 6month old. Anyone with kids between the ages 3-8 who are in Stockholm I recommend you go see Sagan om den lilla farbrorn at Boulevard Teatern – absolutely precious. 

After the theatre we went to a park where we had some really good vegan pear cake that my friend and her son had baked the day before, then we let the kids go a bit wild on the swings and after that it was time to go home. 

Now, both of my kids are sleeping on the couch and I actually have a minute to do a mini square or two for the Spring Lane CAL. I’ve already completed my green ones but still have to do 8 more of the purple. I only had time to do two this morning due to typical family things like feeding the kids breakfast, getting dressed and ready etc! Why do they have to eat, right? 

Let’s see how many I get done…the lighting is not at it’s best, and J is sleeping on me so I can’t really turn the lights on, but the sky is very beautiful, all pink and orange giving hopes of a lovely day tomorrow.  

The picture really doesn’t display the sky in its rightful pride, but hey I tried!