Looking at space differently

We live in a big apartment in Stockholm, we’re very lucky that way – space is a luxury when you live in crowded cities.

(View from our apartment)

Sometimes we take it for granted, we definitely did B.C (before children), and now that that’s changed we don’t anymore. We look at the space differently than before and now it’s more about planning and getting the most out of the space we have. Trying to make every square foot count. 

B.C both me and my husband had our own separate rooms for our own stuff, mine for my music and creative stuff and his for his music and video games. 

For a while a close friend of mine needed somewhere to live so she moved in to one of the spare rooms for about a year.

When M was on her way we rearranged, and we started sharing an office. 

When J was on her way we again rearranged but this time it was about getting the kids bedroom and playroom sorted. T (my husband) also custom built a bookcase for one of our walls in the livingroom, wardrobes for the front hall and several other things that took all summer to make. I decorated and sorted out the playroom, we thought it important the M had her own space for when the baby was due and also the possibility of sleeping in her own room in case the baby cried all night. (We co-sleep so everyone’s together in the same huge bed)

Now we’re rearranging yet again, two out of three rooms are done. The children now have one big play/bed-room, we’ve moved our bedroom into a much smaller room and my creative studio is the one room left to complete. 

My very messy non existing office at the moment

My livingroom is longing to be cleared of all my yarn and mess and my fingers are itching to get in! I will update about it here, it’s all very exciting and many things need to be done before I can move in. 

Now off to buy material and paint! Watch this space!! 

A non-crocheting evening

I was up early today…too early. So now I’m really tired. 

I had a creative meeting at 08 and I had to drive as J was coming with me so the alarm went off at 06:45. Zzzzzzzz

I had to wake J up but she was so tired she got to go in her pjs the lucky little thing. It was easier and quicker that way, and it meant I was actually at my meeting on time!

It was a great meeting, not anything to do with crocheting though, but still great.

After that I had other errands to run, so I’m sad to say that my day has not been on the couch crocheting. I did do my stripe on my temperature blanket, and I managed to do my stop-motion for the week. But now I’m so tired I’m not even tempted to pick up a hook and I actually think I’m off to bed already, which is almost 2-3 hours earlier than usual for me. Well miracles happen right! 

Tomorrow though, I will crochet!! More!! All day!! 

Drops Spring Lane CAL

It’s not like I don’t have anything to do. I’m working on two blankets, one cushion, I’m part of one CAL already so things to fill my day? I have them. And then I haven’t even mentioned my two kids.

Still when I saw the Drops Spring Lane CAL I wanted to do that one too. The other CAL I’m doing at the moment, Hygge, is amazing however I really don’t feel like doing cross stitches and it’s full of them so I’ve paused it. 

I hadn’t planned it, but when I was a my local yarn shop today just to get more white yarn for my temperature blanket yarn got the better of me. So I started looking at loads of different yarns trying to figure out how this was not going to cost me a fortune and remembered I had a box full of yarn that I bought there ages ago, hoping that I could just top that up so I didn’t have to buy 1100g of yarn (!) and break the bank. Of course they don’t stock that specific yarn anymore….

Even though I don’t have enough yarn in weight I’m hoping it will be fine as this yarn that I had, BC Garn Semilla Fino is 240m/50g unlike the recommended 80m/50g. Time will tell, and atleast I didn’t end up buying loads of new yarn that I don’t even have room for. 

I love crocheting with this yarn, it’s the same I had for when I did the rose blanket for my goddaughter: 

And it’s organic wool, so warm and full of goodness. 

I finished my 2 first squares yesterday and I love them! They are, however, a lot smaller than the they are supposed to be..mine are about 16-17cm and in the pattern it says 25cm…that is a lot! 

(Top one 4.5 hook, the two underneath 4 hook)

I went down a hooksize from 4.5 to 4 as that worked better for the yarn. So combined with the fact that the yarn is so much thinner it’s no wonder that my squares are smaller. 

I love the colors, maybe not so much Spring in them, maybe a bit more Autumn but still, beautiful! Can’t wait to see where this pattern is going to go! 

The Spring Flower

So I started on a mini project the other day. I needed a doorstop for the kids room as the door keeps sliding shut on its own. Really irritating!

So I made this door stop, and it kind of looked like leaves so I thought I’d make some flowers for it.

The flowers I love and the doorstop looks awful, however it gets this job done!!

This is the terrible looking doorstop:


So I’m not posting the pattern for it cause I’m not happy with it at all, however I am posting the pattern for the little flower that I’m now calling The Spring Flower.



My big girl thinks they are lovely and really wanted to help with pictures, this is the result of that:


So I got her to hold them and that was better! You can find the pattern here or under patterns!

Doing what you love

Are you? 

Since the age of 4 there has only been one main focus in my life, music. Singing, playing and writing. Writing has been my greatest passion. There has been no room for any other creativity to steal my focus away. 

I have a love hate relationship with music, I love it fiercely and sometimes hate it with almost the same passion. 

When this year began and I started crocheting more and more it was like something shifted in me, it’s so hard to explain, but a spark of creative passion grew into a massive fire. I was not prepared at all.

So now I find myself crocheting whenever possible, and also, smiling as I do so. 

One of the aspects of this new creative field that I simply love is the fact that it’s all me. If something isn’t complete there is no one to blame but me. And oh my goodness that is a great feeling. 

I don’t know where this road is heading, and maybe not knowing is what keeps us all going on whatever path we’re on, and I’m trying to ignore all the questions, hopes and dreams that keep popping up uninvited in me head. 
So for now, quietly, I’m doing what I love. 

And that is one of my goals in life. To do what I love so I can love what I do.

Aren’t The Princess Jars just beautiful from underneath? As is The Sunshine Jar…maybe I should write down that pattern too…
Are you? Doing what you love? 

The Princess Jar


I needed a place to put my growing collection of crochet hooks and wanted something fast and simple so I took some of the yarn left over from the In Bloom CAL and started making a sleeve for a glass jar. 

The result is The Princess Jar, and I’m very happy with the result! 

At the moment I have sent the pattern to four people round the globe for testing and as soon as I get feedback I will post the patter. here on the blog. 

It’s very exciting, it’s the first time I’ve sent my pattern to other people so fingers crossed that I’ve not made too many mistakes! 

Pattern testing

So it’s a Friday of fixing and moving things around. Big M is at home, and little J as well. 

We’re swapping loads of rooms around, so there are so many things in the wrong place right now, like beds in the livingroom…

But before sorting this mess out I’m helping out the lovely @crochetedbytess and trying out one of her patterns. It’s a sweet little flower so it’s a nice way to start off my messy day! 

I’m using some yarn left over from the InBloomCAL from Scheepjes and hook 2.5mm

After rows 1 and 2

After row 3 and just staring row 4

Like with everything when you are creating something you just do. Getting it down on paper so someone can recreate what you have done is not always so straight forward. Some things you automatically do and forget to write down etc. So getting someone to crochet your pattern can be a great help. It can be just one tiny step that trips someone up, so I think it’s great fun to do this for crochetedbytess. 

I’ve only found a few things that needs changing, and some tiny errors that tripped me up but after everything got cleared isn’t it just a lovely little flower? 

Above is the completed flower after row 4. 

I had it in my possession for about 30 seconds then this happened:

“Oh mommy is that for me?? Thank you!!”

If you are guessing that my tea is cold, you would be correct. 

Find the pattern on @crochetedbytess blog, I will update with a link later on! 

Temperature blanket

Every morning when I get up I check what temperature it is outside. I do this because I’m working on a temperature blanket for 2017. I hadn’t heard of it before this January, probably because this is when I joined instagram as crochetingKay, but I just fell in love with the idea. I’ll explain it for those of you who don’t know what it is! 

You start on the first day of the year, then again you can start this whenever you want and do it for a year – for instance from one birthday to the next, and you crochet one row or one square every single day. The color is corresponding to what the temperature is outside. So to start off you need to make your color chart and decide when and how often you will have a color change. You can have as many colors as you want, one for each degree if that floats your boat, this is what my chart looks like: 

I’ve covered in quite a few degrees in each color and also I’ve got a wide range of colors. Next time I might choose only different shades of pink/red/orange/yellow or blue/green/purple etc I’ve seen others do that and it looks very nice. It all depends on what you yourself want. 

Then you need to choose what blanket you want to make, you can do one square each day for instance or you can do one stripe a day. I chose to do granny stripes and if that’s to you’re liking make sure you do it in multiples o three. I started off with a chain of 225, which will be a good size for a big blanket. But again, you can do anything that you want to do, just single crochet or doubles or flowers or whatever. I just wanted something really simple! 

It’s great fun seeing the blanket unfold, also it’s the one thing I make sure I get done every day – so atleast there’s some crocheting every day in my life no matter how hectic the days turns out to be! 

This is what it looked like after one month: 

And this is the progress after today:


I love how random the blanket becomes in a way that you can’t plan! 

I did some calculations and I’m going to be needing 81(!) skeins of yarn and the blanket is going to be almost 3m long..! Talk about a family blanket.

Gauge square driving me crazy

Ok so I’m participating in my second CAL ever. The Hygge CAL designed by Haak Maar Raak in colab with Scheepjes

I haven’t gotten started with the actual CAL, I haven’t really had the time, and I’m still trying to get the gauge square right. I did one yesterday with the recommended size hook, 4.5mm 

But I wasn’t getting the size right. It’s supposed to be 10x10cm and I ended up 1cm short. 

So today I got a 5mm hook (and a 5.5 just in case) to see if that would do the trick. So no time to waste, rip it up and start over. 

Just finished it 

And one side is 10cm but not the other…aaah!!! 

I’m going to bed now, goodnight!